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Your daily dose of fresh fruits!

We deliver a wide range of fresh, delicious cut fruits to your home or office.

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But why?

Eating fruits is harder than it seems. You have to find a trusted vendor, select the right fruits, wash, cut and peel...With Juzi, you don't have to do any of this!

You do the eating, we’ll take care of the rest.

Order a Juzi bowl for yourself today!

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Eat healthy,
Feel healthy!

Choose from a variety of our carefully designed fruit bowls.

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The easiest way to a healthy diet!

Heal yourself with fruits. We pick, prepare and deliver
the best fruits right at your doorstep.

Fruit selection


Our experts hand-pick the freshest, juiciest fruits straight from farms and vendors
Fruit cleaning

Cleaning & Cutting

The fruits are thoroughly cleaned, peeled and cut using specialised machines
Fruit bwol packaging


State-of-the-art machines pack the fruits in a biodegradable bowl to ensure they stay fresh
Fruit bowl delivery


Our delivery agents will drop off the fruit bowl everyday to your home or office
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Hygiene at every step of the way

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