About us

About us

Juzi is a health-conscious company that helps people live a more sustainable lifestyle and have a balanced diet by offering a range of fresh fruit bowls. We use automation to ensure that we can keep the bowl prices low for our customers, and pay our employees fair wages and offer insurance for them and their family.

Whether you are single, young, old, a family or fitness junkie, Juzi will always make sure that your recommended nutritional needs are met.
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Why fruits?

Our story

Fruits help the body fight diseases. They make life sweeter, and heighten our sense of well-being. But most importantly, they are crucial to a balanced diet.

When we came up with the idea of Juzi, the goal was simply to help people eat fruits regularly. As a team of newly converted fruitaholics, we’ve experienced first-hand how good it feels to have fruits on a daily basis. We are driven to make people remember how amazing fruits are. To offer a guilt-free, tasty alternative to junk food.

In our hope to make eating fruits more accessible, we pledge to make life easier for you. Everyday, we put together a wide range of fruits, which are handpicked, sliced, and packed by our experienced fruit consultants before delivering the bowl to your doorstep.

Shopping for fruits has never been easier! Eating fruits has never been easier!

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