COVID-19 prevention measures

Our focus is on ensuring our employees’ safety as much as our customers’.
All measures are in accordance with FSSAI, WHO and FDA guidelines and best practices regarding coronavirus and food safety.

Handling fruits:

At Juzi, we use state-of-the-art UV treatment to disinfect all fruits. The fruits are also washed thoroughly with purified drinking-grade water before they are taken inside the production facility.


The fruit bowls are packaged in a heat-sealed container and all personnel entering the facility are required to wear gloves, foot covers, hairnets and aprons. Our entire production facility and all utensils are sprayed and cleaned thoroughly with disinfectants every day. We are also adhering to social distancing norms at our facility at every step of the fruit bowl preparation.


All delivery bags are sprayed and cleaned thoroughly with disinfectants everyday before and after delivery. We conduct temperature checks on all staff (production facility and delivery) three times a day. All our staff members are trained on the symptoms and prevention measures of COVID-19, and encouraged to come forward and report if they suspect they have any symptoms.

Medical Insurance and other support are provided for all staff and their family.