Refund & return policy

This refund policy applies to all purchases made through the Juzi platform. This refund policy applies to all purchases made through the Juzi platform. We aim to produce our fruit bowls and products with utmost care and highest quality standards as possible and deliver them in the desired time slot and at the desired location. If we are unable to deliver the same due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control, we will decide whether to issue a refund or credit to the user at our sole discretion.

You are entitled to a refund in the following cases, wherein the refund amount is credited into your Juzi wallet:
1. You report that the bowl is damaged and provide photographic or videographic evidence
2. You report that the bowl is stolen or was not delivered
3. You report that the fruits were spoilt

Refund requests will be entertained only if you report within 8 hours from the end of your delivery slot.

In case you wish to cancel your subscription, the balance amount of the subscription will be refunded up to the amount that is paid by you but not consumed. In case you wish to refund the amount back to your card/bank account, you can go to the Payments section, tap on the Wallet and select the Refund option.

Any unused cashbacks, credits and discounts in your wallet can only be redeemed against a bowl subscription and will not be credited to your bank account or credit card under any circumstances. Please note that the total refundable amount cannot exceed the total paid amount.

For Quality Checks and for improving our product and service offering, we might ask to return the bowl delivered. Please do not, unless asked for, return the bowl back to us.

Any refund amount should be credited to your account within 7 working days. If you haven't received a refund after 7 working days, please contact us at